Frequently Asked Questions

Or rather, what we'd love for you to know about us and our biz!

What is your reschedule policy?

  • We’re here to serve you, however we can! Any deposits can be transferred over to new, available dates, to make things as easy as possible for you. We can work it out together! 

Are deposits refundable?

  • Our contracts state that deposits aren’t refundable, but rather are on a retainer basis. If extreme circumstances arise, just let us know! 


What type of gear do you use?

  • Photography: Sony A7III with assorted lenses

  • Videography: Sony A6400 with assorted lenses, shotgun microphone, lapel microphone

  • DJ: Macbook Pro, 2 Mackie Powered Speakers, a Numark Mixdeck Express, and various dance-floor  lighting hoisted up on a tripod truss bar. 


What editing tools do you use?

  • For photography we use a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop; for videography we use a combination of Adobe Premiere and After Effects.


What's your preferred style of editing?

  • Unlike many other photographers or videographers, we do not have one specific style we edit in. We have a wide variety of styles/aesthetics to choose from! We believe that having customizable  helps the client receive exactly what they want in the end. Some styles we include but are not limited to are rustic, vintage, bright and bold, light and airy, dark and moody, etc. 


Do you have any wedding planners available to help me through this?

  • While we don’t have a wedding planner, we have a staff member assigned to help coordinate your wedding and plan things with you for the services we are providing. They will also work with your other vendors to make sure our services don’t interfere with their services, as well. We all have the common goal of making sure your wedding goes smoothly and as stress free as possible.


How long will it take to receive my pictures/film after a session?

  • Turnaround time for a photo session is about one week with the exception of weddings, which can take up to 3 weeks. Film takes up to three weeks for highlight, and up to three months for full length.


What are your print prices?

  • One of Everything: ((4) wallets, (1) 4x6, (1) 5x7, (1) 8x10))- $15

  • The Family Standard: ((8) wallets, (2) 4x6, (2) 5x7, (3) 8x10))- $30

  • We can also customize a package for you, based on your needs.

  • We also match the prices of some products with other popular online print vendors. Show us the price, and we would be glad to match it. Using us for print, in addition to photography, takes a middle man out of the picture and could save you more money!


What should I/my family wear to a photo session?

  • Great question (and one that we get a lot)! As a general rule of thumb, solid white articles of clothing should be avoided (with the exception of wedding photos, of course!), as they can reflect harshly in bright sunlight. Heavy patterns can also be distracting and draw the eye away from the subject’s face or the location in the background, but a more simple pattern can add a pop of interest! Aside from those two general suggestions of what to avoid, people should feel free to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, to achieve the most natural photos. Formal attire can be nice for certain occasions such as weddings or Quinceañeras, but is not necessary for family, senior, or engagement photos. Sometimes, a solid color tee with a piece of statement jewelry can even look best in photos!

How should I choose a location? Do you have recommendations?

  • It’s actually quite important to think about the location of your photo shoot as far out from your session date as possible, especially during summer and autumn. Many local parks hold public and private events during the summer, and some type of sport is always bustling through the parks during the academic year. These unknown factors can interrupt and interfere with a client’s session, (which we both never want!), so it’s best to consider that beforehand. Something else to consider is whether or not your desired location requires a permit! Popular locations in the Milwaukee area that require a permit are the Mitchell Park Domes, Boerner Botanical Gardens, interior of the Milwaukee Art Museum (exterior does not require a permit), etc. There are many beautiful parks in the greater Milwaukee area that provide ample locations for photoshoots, but it can also be fun to consider more unique locations such as breweries, the downtown Riverwalk, or even Black Cat Alley on Milwaukee’s East Side! Feel free to reach out to us to get a lengthier list of recommended locations!


Where can I find inspiration for my session?

  • Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration as there are countless styles of editing to view, and you could even share their favorite pinned images with their photographer (Josie) for inspiration! Some popular editing styles include vintage, rustic, dark and moody, light and airy, black and white, etc.


How can I view my pictures after a session?

  • All edited photos will be uploaded to an online Pixieset gallery where photos can be viewed/downloaded, and prints/products can be purchased. It’s a super easy site to navigate--we love it! 


How many pictures are edited after a session? Can I pay for more?

  • That all depends on the type of session, and how long it is. Just contact us for specific numbers and types of shoots! And of course, you can definitely purchase more pics post-session. 


How should we pose during a session? Do you have ideas?

  • We always want to make sure you’re as comfortable and natural as possible, so let us know if you have any ideas beforehand, or anything you’d like to avoid. Pinterest is a great tool, again, to find inspiration before your shoot. 


Are you insured? Can you provide a COI?

  • We certainly are and we certainly can! R.V. Nuccio/The American Insurance Company is our insurance vendor, which you will see on the document once received.


How do I pay for my service? Can I make payments or installments?

  • We accept PayPal (credit card), Venmo or Check. If you are having trouble with those options, you may call us and we can process your credit card payment over the phone.