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Providing top notch DJ services to the Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago areas! Reno's playlist flexibility and creation always makes for an awesome time, and memories that will last a lifetime.

We can DJ your:

  • Weddings (ceremony and reception)

  • Business Events

  • Family Events

  • Parties

  • And more!


Meet Reno, Your DJ

Without a doubt music is my passion and my lifestyle. I’ve been DJing weddings for about 5 years now, seeing nearly 200 receptions; it’s truly a been pleasure serving the newly weds and running the dance floor on their most blessed night. It's beautiful to watch families and friends come together and loosen up under the disco ball light. I think I’m a great DJ because I am versatile across many eras and genres of music, and also I love to dance! From oldies to hip hop, from pop to alternative, I’ll play and mix whatever you and your guests need to have a great time. 


Something more personal about me, I first started experimenting with music in high school, my friends and I formed a band; I played the guitar. We played lots of late 90s and early 2000s alternate rock songs. We weren’t very good, but it was fun and that passion grew into new and different passions, like singing and of course DJing! Inspired, after high school I went to college in Milwaukee to study Music & Film. While still in school I was lucky enough to start DJing weddings as a part-time job on the weekends. I worked hard to balance my life, and between school & weddings I even wrote and performed music of my own around Milwaukee.


I’m very thankful for my 2 loving and supportive parents for exposing me to various instruments and different kinds of music as a kid. My mom likes rock and roll, she grew up with bands like the Rollings Stones, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and my dad he listened to a bit heavier stuff, ACDC, Nirvana, and Audioslave. When listening to music together they’d have to meet somewhere in the middle, maybe Johnny Cash, maybe Journey. Me, I grew up listening to bands like The Killers or Sublime and later in high school started exploring hip hop. Overall my tastes in music are eclectic. 

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