Meet our Squad

What's our mission statement, you ask? It's simple, really. To use our talents to serve others in our community by striving to provide impeccable service and capturing life's moments that mean the most to you, your family, and your community.

About  Jacob- Owner & Operator

My journey has been an interesting one. At three years old, I already had an affinity for technology and broadcasting, pointing out and getting excited whenever I would pass a tower. I knew that my journey would take me somewhere on the creative path. Through the years, I have worked in radio broadcasting, while at the same time DJing at weddings on the weekends.

While attending college for Radio-TV-Film, I have learned many different avenues in addition to the world of radio. I had learned how to produce a music video show, how to shoot at events and city council meetings, and also eventually wedding videography through my friend's business that I DJed at. I learned that videography is a great way to capture a part of time, and a great way to get the word across to people and create a memory through not only certain visual medium, but also through the voices in the video.

I have always had a dream to own my own business. To provide exceptional customer service. To be able to bring smiles to people's faces by something I had done for them. It never has been about the money, only to ultimately bring happiness to others any way that I could. Through Just Your Way Media, I am able to do this for individuals throughout their lifetime. Be it capturing their new born, filming a graduation, capturing their engagement or marriage, helping their business make money through visual means, or filming that 50th wedding anniversary. What other industry can cover basically birth throughout their lifetime? And to be a part of seeing people grow through the years? It is such a blessing!

I would love to be able to learn about your family, how I can help through video and photography, and capturing all of your lifetime memories! Let me know how I can serve you!